Crocodiles (Some facts from when I was in the Everglades)

Crocodiles live about 50 years. They live in the swamps of the Florida Everglades. Baby crocs eat small fish, crustaceans, fruits and stuff like that. Adults eat gar and fruits. Some eat only 2 times a year. Crocodiles lived at dinosaur time and they looked a lot like today’s crocs. They are related to: Gavials, Alligators and Caiman and belong to the Crocodilian family. They grow about a foot per year when they are young and they never stop growing. They have about 75 teeth. The largest saltwater crocodile was 27 feet long and weighed 4 thousand pounds. The smallest crocodile is the rare African dwarf that is only 5 feet long. A mother crocodile makes a nest on land where her eggs can be kept safe and warm. She makes it in the same place every year. She lays the eggs at night, a few at a time and covers them. Did you know that crocodiles yawn to keep cool?