Going to the Moon!

Today when I got out of bed I went to the upper field and checked on my rocket ship behind the juniper bushes. Then I fueled it up, started the engine and blast off to the moon. In the rocket I tried to pour milk in to a cup but it floated around so I had to float around too and catch it with my mouth. When I took a shower in the bathroom part of the time I was upside down. When I was on the moon I put on my space suit, helmet and gravity boots and got in to my moon rover and drove around. I got stuck once and then I remote controlled my personal helicopter and it lifted me out with a tow-rope. I got out of my rover and explored the moon. I found gooey puddles and lots of moon rocks. Then I got my moon rover back into my rocket and flew home. When I arrived home I got back into bed. My mom and dad woke up and didn’t even know I went to the moon and back while they were sleeping.