Mission 01: Earth

One day when I woke up I wasn’t in my bed. Now in most cases that means I fell off and was on the floor, but here I was on a different world. I was also in a different form. Kind of like a beaver that forgot that it needed to file it’s teeth. Anyway, here I was. Stuck on a planet I didn’t even know of. I knew I had to find the way out. But how? A rover? Yes. A rover. So I started rattling through the metal parts in my sweater pockets. (It’s kind of weird that I had still a sweater on and was a beaver). Then when I had found the parts to make a small rover I began construction. After half an hour I had a “60 Horsepower Galactic Rover”. I revved the engine and off I was. Soaring through the alien skys. When I reached Earth, I was hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles away from my home in NYC. I had already thought of disguise but as soon as I got into Earth’s atmosphere I was back to my normal me. The only thing I had to do was turn my rover into a car. (I know, I’m only 10. But I “CAN” drive a car and print a fake drivers license). At the press of a button my rover was a Maserati SPYDER, red and beautiful with plush leather seats. Beautiful, but I had no time to admire it. My parents were probably going crazy. I stepped on the gas and gunned it all the way to my apartment. When I got home I told my parents this was a “Holiday Present” the guy at the dealer gave me as I was walking by. Life was better then ever.