Today I Went To Pluto.

Today when I woke up I went back to the field and got into my rocket. Then I saw that my cat Bello, my sisters cat Rosie and our dog Harry were all in the rocket. I started up the engine and we blast off to Pluto.

When we left earth we had some dried fruits and when we were full we took a nap. When we woke up we passed Saturn and I saw a lot of moons. When we got to Pluto I saw alien cat that was see through and since it was so cold there it looked like a moving icicle shaped like a cat. I tried to take pictures but my camera’s components froze. I had my space helmet on but my extra helmets did not fit the cats and the dog so the space cat gave the cats and the dog some helmets that fit them. When it was time to eat we ate a fresh can of cat/dog/human food but we only had to have a tiny lick before we were full because we were so high up. Then we said goodbye to the space cat got in to our rocket and blast off to earth. Then we took a nap, had dinner (the rest of the can of cat/dog/human food), played on the rocket computer and then watched a few shows on TV. When we got home we got into bed, went to sleep and in the morning we did maintenance on the rocket.