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The Mayo Brothers

Last year I read a book about the Mayo brothers. They were two boys in a family of five kids that went with their dad on doctor’s calls in Minnesota. One time their dad had to do surgery on a boy and he didn’t survive because he had an infection. When they came home they told their mother about what happened and she remembered reading a medical journal that said infections were caused by germs. Doctor Mayo felt like he needed to learn more about infections. He wanted to go to New York he but they didn’t have money. Then his wife said what about the savings? So they went to the Bellevue Hospital in New York. He saw under a microscope what germs looked like. When he came home he told his wife that to study the germs he needed to buy a microscope. His wife then said we can get a bank loan and then buy a microscope. So they bought the microscope and the boys asked why does it have such a funny name? Their father said that “micro” means very small and “scope” means to look at things. Shortly after that he went home to Minnesota. His sons were helping him with the surgeries. They were handling the instruments. After they grew up both of his sons decided to go to medical school and become doctors to help people like their dad did. They traveled around the world one at a time to get more knowledge. Then they opened a clinic and the three of them (both brothers and their dad) ran it. They accepted everyone who came. Some people paid them a live chicken, some afresh basket of apples and others money. They also were happy to educate other doctors. At some point they decided that the clinic was too small and that they had enough money to build a new clinic. So they did just that. Even to this very day other doctor still work and perform surgery at the famous Mayo Clinic.


Going to the moon! (Version 2)

Today I dug up my rocket ship. Now I know what all you people are thinking, you’re thinking how does a kid get a rocket. Well, I bought it from NASA with my “own” money. Everyone thinks I’m rich, but it was broken and I fixed it. Now to the good stuff. So I got into my rocket and started it up. The engines flared and off I was. After 30 minutes I was at the moon. I took my cat with me so he can explore to see if there is life on the moon. After an hour we got hungry and opened up a can of sardines. They were delicious. Then we got back in the rocket and flew home. Traffic was really slow so it took us 2 hours to get home. When we finally arrived I got into my bed and went to sleep. I had had a wonderful day. (it doesn’t make any sense to write “had had” but that’s how the English language is)

*(this edition is different than the one in my earlier post)

Life as Rupert, the mouse

My name is Rupert, the mouse. This essay is completely about my friends, my enemies and me. If you are not interested in a mouse’s life, than do not read any further. Just STOP. If you are interested then continue reading, as this will get very interesting. So as I already said my name is Rupert. My friend Samantha and I were looking for peanut butter (mice actually prefer not to eat cheese) when we met a fox. He said his name was Joey and told us of a land where peanut butter was everywhere. Even the castles were made of the delicious sticky stuff. We bought it. After we walked for what seemed like miles we came six way split in the road. I was about to ask Joey which way to go but he was nowhere to be seen. We thought for hours and hours and then Samantha said I think we should rest and maybe in the morning we’ll figure it out. So we did. While we were sleeping Joey mousenapped us and took us to his hole. In there we woke up and found ourselves locked up in a cage, dangling on a thread from the roof, hanging over a seemingly bottomless pit. There was a large padlock on a door. We tried climbing through the bars but they were a bit too small. I found a small piece of metal and bent it into a key while Joey wasn’t looking. When he looked back we were nowhere to be seen. Already a few hundred yards away. We got to the nearest maple tree and hid under a couple leaves. We decided that we’ve ran enough today and need some sleep. (again).

Going to the Moon!

Today when I got out of bed I went to the upper field and checked on my rocket ship behind the juniper bushes. Then I fueled it up, started the engine and blast off to the moon. In the rocket I tried to pour milk in to a cup but it floated around so I had to float around too and catch it with my mouth. When I took a shower in the bathroom part of the time I was upside down. When I was on the moon I put on my space suit, helmet and gravity boots and got in to my moon rover and drove around. I got stuck once and then I remote controlled my personal helicopter and it lifted me out with a tow-rope. I got out of my rover and explored the moon. I found gooey puddles and lots of moon rocks. Then I got my moon rover back into my rocket and flew home. When I arrived home I got back into bed. My mom and dad woke up and didn’t even know I went to the moon and back while they were sleeping.